History of Sebay Mill

Sebay Mill Orkney Self Catering, is an enlargement of a much smaller mill, the present size and shape dates from around 1860. The works were carried out for the Earl of Zetland who owned the Sebay estate. When completed it replaced the smaller mills of Holm and Deerness. The purpose of the mill was for the people of the estate to bruise and grind oats and bere. This produce would have been used to make porridge, oatcakes and animal feed.

In the 1920's the Earl of Zetland sold the mill, which was purchased by a co-operative society named Sebay Mills Ltd. Immediately a decision was made to modernise the mill, this was completed by a company called Thomson's of Aberdeen. After the refurbishment Sebay Mill was classed as one of the most modern mills north of Aberdeenshire.

Sebay Mill ceased production in 1953. This was mainly due to most farms owning their own bruisers. After 1953 until purchased by us the mill was stripped of its workings and used for storage, pigs and hens and laterally a car store.

We purchased Sebay Mill in May 2000. At this stage the mill was in a poor state of repair. Work commenced in August 2000 with the last of the finishing's and groundwork's being completed in May 2003.

A photographic record of the reconstruction has been compiled - click here to see how we created Sebay Mill Luxury Orkney Accommodation.

Billy & Sheena McEwen